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Dragon Ball Super – Vicious Rejuvenation Booster Box Review

So I’ve recently got into card collecting, as many on the internet these past few months with the world of Pokemon exploding. While it’s great to see Pokemon receiving a ton of love from the internet with places instantly selling out of cards, It’s annoying when I can’t buy a box to review.

So I decided to dabble into Dragon Ball Z cards since I’m a huge fan of the animation, I figured I’d jump straight into it and review a booster box. It just so happened that a new set of cards released on the 22nd of January so I decided to buy a box to review.

Dragon Ball Super – Vicious Rejuvenation booster box.

First off, This is my first time collecting the cards, I don’t know much about them or the game but I know about the animation. This box was surprisingly fun to open, I got an insane amount of cards in 24 packs, including a few super rare cards in the set.

Let’s talk about the cards themselves. The art on the cards is amazing, even the common and uncommon cards have really great art designs on them. The holos are great as well, they have great art with different types of holo graphics on them, I think my favorite would be the SS3 Gogeta super rare card.

The quality of the cards is great, they feel and handle better than Pokemon cards, it doesn’t give me the same feeling when I hold a pack in my hand that I might accidentally bend the card that a Pokemon card pack does.

The packs and booster box that the cards come in is really good, it feels like the cards are well protected and won’t easily damage in transit or anything like that.


Collecting as a beginner

Obviously, as a beginner, collecting these cards could be overwhelming, I did feel like that when I first cracked open the booster box, however, a few packs in my mind eased and I got so much enjoyment opening the packs.

You could easily search up how to play the game, and a booster box easily gives you more than enough cards to be a really great deck to play the game. I got 2 stacks worth of commons and uncommons with over 10 holos and a couple of super rares.

For collectors

If someone that picks up a booster box for this set will easily receive what they are looking for if you won’t be playing the game with the cards, having the cards in sleeves and in a binder is a great option too.

I put all my holos and super rares in sleeves and a binder and it looks really nice, especially the holo cards. It just makes the pages pop and stand out easily.

The holo and super rare cards with really insane looking art will look amazing if you send it off to get graded, it will look insanely better, depending on the card of course.

Purely for profit

If you are in this purely for profit then that is also fine, I’ve heard of cards going for up to $400 bucks, obviously, older cards will go for more but there are a few cards in this set that will bring you money.


Obviously, if you pulled secret rares or super rares you’ll bring in a small amount of money back but if you pull an insane card you could easily pull back $100 dollars or more.

Then there is a “God Pack” which gives you nothing but holos and better cards in one pack, that’s 12 cards purely holo or better, this pack is insanely hard to pull though.

Overall thoughts

My thoughts about this set and the booster box are that the price which was £85 is steep but worth it. 24 packs with 12 cards in each and then on top of that you receive a promo card in each booster box is beyond amazing.

The quality and art of the cards is incredible and so well done. I’m definitely getting some more. In the 24 packs, I received only a hand full of duplicates in the entire box.

Would I recommend buying a box? 100% yes.

Rating: 9.5/10

I also have to thank Geek Retreat Newcastle for having a box in stock and ready for me to pick up.


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