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The Flash Season 7 Review


Season 7 for me personally continued in poor fashion. I have to admit, mid-way through this season I nearly lost all hope in the show. Everything from the story to the writing, to the action, was awfully poor. I honestly wholeheartedly believe that Godspeed saved this season in a big way.

Before Godspeed, the show just felt like a far cry away from what it used to be. I believe the show has just become too much of a joke, not to mention Team Flash as it stands is perhaps the worst it’s ever been since the show began back in 2014.

This is a show that we know can be one of the best series running, and why it goes in the direction it goes to at times is beyond me. They personally write in these dumb episodes for fillers, and it NEVER works. It never really has, and it never really will.

Shows such as Superman & Lois and Stargirl can make it work with close to this many episodes because it sticks to the story, and it does it well. Having two major villains in 1 season run also does NOT work. When a villain is introduced, focusing the time and attention onto them is vastly needed in order to make them memorable.

Reverse Flash, Zoom, and Savitar all were done amazingly, and one of the reasons why is because they got the time needed to ensure they made an impact on screen.

A lot of the storytelling is poor, but for some reason despite almost losing hope, I still remain invested in the show. In the closing episodes when Godspeed took over it picked up because it focused on that one story and never swayed away from it.


This is what the show needs to do moving forward. The show loses viewers each year, and I wish more people gave the closing episodes a proper chance because it was fantastic and for me – it saved the season.

For me, which needs to be discussed as well is the Killer Frost court story. They spent multiple episodes in building up this arc that Frost was sentenced to life in prison. It was emotional, but needed – then in the way in which it was completely written off by bringing her back felt like the biggest punch in the face, and was one of the most wasted storylines I have had the pleasure of watching.


I’m going to focus on the better sides of things here. Godspeed, Nora, and Bart were exceptional. Every one of them deserves to be in the show moving forward for the foreseeable. The show is focused on a speedster, so having speedsters on the enemy side, and on the allied side it makes a lot of sense. Bart was one of the standouts, and how identical Jordan Fisher played Impulse to the comics and animated side deserves a lot of praise.

Iris was also a lot better this season, and even her gaining temporary speedster powers at the end of the season surprised me.

Ultimately though, everything else was poor, even including The Flash himself. The Forces were bad, the majority of Team Flash needs an overhaul with the exception of Chester who just needs that little extra time to be a better member of the team. It sucks more now that Cisco has left the team to work for ARGUS.

Caitlin and Frost weren’t amazing this season which is disappointing, but for me, it just doesn’t matter with Caitlin as she will always be an integral member of Team Flash. She just needs to be involved more in the decision-making, like she used to be in the first few seasons.


Standout Character

Godspeed. It was a tough one between him and Impulse, but I’ve been begging for Godspeed to be given a proper arc for years now, and they finally gave him it. I really hope August gets the opportunity to get an entire season dedicated to him in season 8. This is what proves my point, Godspeed had fewer episodes than The Forces to make an impact, and yet he did, in a massive way compared to The Forces. On my rating below where I rate antagonist a 7, I have to drop the rating due to The Forces so please bare that in mind.

Favourite Episode

It’s a tough one this season because there isn’t a lot of episodes that stood out, so the finale was my favourite despite the rating actually being lower than others. We got to see 5 speedsters go up against Godspeed and his army of clones, and we got to see different powers being used. The vow renewal was greatly done, and above all else, we actually got to see a proper fight, instead of a serious villain being talked down.

Worst Episode

Central City Strong, episode 4 was horrific and stressful. This is where we realised how many villains were being talked down instead of being fought. I just hated every aspect of this episode, I can’t say much more than that to be honest.

Episodes & Their Ratings

Episode 1: All’s Wells That Ends Wells – 9.3/10
Episode 2: The Speed of Thought – 9.5/10
Episode 3: Mother – 8.5/10
Episode 4: Central City Strong – 6/10
Episode 5: Fear Me – 10/10
Episode 6: The One with the Nineties – 6.5/10
Episode 7: Growing Pains – 9.3/10
Episode 8: The People V. Killer Frost – 9/10
Episode 9: Timeless – 6.6/10
Episode 10: Family Matters Part 1 – 7/10
Episode: 11: Family Matters Part 2 – 8.4/10
Episode: 12: Good-Bye Vibrations – 8/10
Episode: 13: Masquerade – 8.3/10
Episode: 14: Rayo De Luz – 8.5/10
Episode: 15: Enemy at the Gates – 8.8/10
Episode: 16: P.O.W – 8.1/10
Episode: 17: Heart of the Matter Part 1 – 9/10
Episode: 18: Heart of the Matter Part 2 – 8.3/10

Average rating – 8.3/10

Our Overall Rating 6.2/10

The average rating reflects individual episodes, but on a seasoned whole, it was poor. If it wasn’t for Godspeed’s arc, Nora returning and the introduction to Impulse, this would have been rated much lower. Before this arc came into play, the season was on track to being one of the worst seasons to exist.


Does It Deserve Another Season?

At this point, no. I don’t think it deserves another season. I hate to say it but it doesn’t. However, it doesn’t matter because we are getting a season 8. For a couple of years now I beg the writers to make the right decisions when it comes down to the main villain, but it’s disappointing each time. It needs to be brought back to basics with the right direction because as of right now, the show just isn’t fantastic at all.

They also need to focus on THE FLASH more. He’s the damn reason the show exists, stop making him be a little wimp, and showcase his true skills and powers. PLEASE!


Story - 6
Action - 6
Characters - 6
Entertainment - 6
Episodes - 6
Antagonist - 7



The show needs to do better. It can do better, and we know this. This season was saved by Godspeed with a mere few episodes left, this needs to change in season 8.

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