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The Mandalorian Chapter 16 “The Rescue” Review

Season 2 Episode 8 “The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey through a dangerous galaxy.”

What I Liked

1. At the very beginning we get quite an intense standoff between a member of the Empire and Cara. The dialogue in regards to Alderaan was fairly brutal, but I do appreciate that they mention this quite a lot. It was a pretty significant thing, even for Star Wars. They completely destroyed an entire planet, it doesn’t get any more shocking than that. It’s understandable why Cara becomes emotional even just by the thought of it.

2. Din and Boba seek help from Bo-Katan, and another intense standoff pursues between her and Boba. The reason I like this is because Bo-Katan refers to Boba as a clone, and her father a donor. It’s just nice that they’re switching between all forms of Legends, Canon, Prequels and others.

3. The way Bo-Katan flew that shuttle ship into such a tight squeeze into Moff’s Light Cruiser was just so exquisitely done. Nothing more to say on that, impressive!

4. Well, that’s one to do it, Din! After his beating from a dark trooper, he manages to win using the Beskar Spear but opens up a back door so the rest of the troopers float out. It’s a great deterrent for now but you know fine well they’ll be back.

5. Din finally finds Grogu, and we learn that Moff has already taken his blood, to study, and may be used for other projects we know are in the works, maybe Snoke? I don’t know. However, the scene that follows with Din and Moff facing off is just out of this world! You have to watch it to purely understand.


6. A huge twist! I was NOT expecting that. It turns out Moff has a hidden agenda, seemingly always a step ahead. After their battle and Din defeating Moff, he becomes the rightful owner of the dark saber meaning he can’t just give it back to Bo-Katan, even if he tries to. This episode is getting better and better.

7. Grogu awaits Din’s permission to leave with Luke, and he grants it. Din then removes his helmet showing Grogu his face for the very first time. It’s incredibly emotional. Then all of a sudden R2D2 just whips around the corner. It’s a fantastic nod to the story we all know and love. Jon Favreau I salute you!

8. After the end credits scene, Boba returns to Jaba’s palace and kills everyone in there, and sits on the “throne”. We get a saying; “The Book of Boba Fett, coming December 2021”. Did they just confirm a show within a show?! I love it!

What I Disliked

I would be surprised if anyone had anything they disliked about this episode. Nothing to report from us this week.

Favourite Moment

I’m going to admit, there’s never been an episode that has had my on the edge my seat in such suspense ever. We literally see a Jedi dismantle the death troopers one by one whilst the team remain on the bridge. It’s just an exceptional scene, but you kind of guess it when you see the hand. It’s also…LUKE SKYWALKER (end credits gave credit to Mark Hamill). Like, I can’t even deal with this, this is just unbelievable! I was never expecting this. What a scene, what a show!

Standout Character

In terms of standout, it’s tough. I do have to give this to Luke. Now hold on a minute. There’s a few reasons, his return was obviously exceptional. It’s the scene where he bursts out the elevator, it’s a second Vader scene! You will see what I mean with the video down the bottom. He deserves it, he had me beyond excited from the moment the X-Wing flew passed the bridge window.



I rate this a 10, that’s a given. It’s perhaps one of the strongest 10’s I have given in a rating ever, it’s difficult to even want to just give this a 10. The episode was a testament to how Star Wars is done, and this finale truly showcased what a finale is all about. I can’t get over how fantastic it was.

Rating 10/10

Like father like son. Darth Vader Rogue One and Luke Skywalker The Mandalorian – Credit to Disney
Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill in The Mandalorian – Credit to Disney


Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 10



I rate this a 10, that's a given. It's perhaps one of the strongest 10's I have given in a rating ever, it's difficult to even want to just give this a 10. The episode was a testament to how Star Wars is done, and this finale truly showcased what a finale is all about. I can't get over how fantastic it was.

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