TITANS “Ghosts” Review

Season 2 Episode 3 “With the re-emergence of Doctor Light, the old Titans reluctantly return to the Titans tower to strategise against their old enemy. But the secrets of the Titans’ past threaten to tear apart this newly formed team from within.”

What Was Good?

1. Gar and Jason show Dick the data the found on Rose, Dick has a look which he obviously knows the Wilson name so he tells Jason and Gar he’ll handle it. This scene gave me major Batman hints, as to how Batman normally hides stuff or keeps information to himself instead of sharing with his sidekick or the league.

Donna, Hank and Dawn arrive at the Titans Tower and when the trio enter the building, we get glimpses of a past life, one with Aqualad.. If you blink you’ll miss it. Dick tells them about Rose and the trio are angry that Dick brought Slades daughter into the tower. Donna says Rose can’t stay there because Slade is the reason they disbanded and barely made it out last time. I have my own persona theory and this so if you’d like a theory article, let us know.

2. We see Kory wake up in a hotel room with the person who kidnapped her last episode. We come to find out that he’s one of the royal guards of the Queen and Kory’s family. He’s came to bring her back home so they can take the mantle of Queen. Kory asks who sent him to come for her, her sister, Blackfire sent him. If he doesn’t bring her home, more people will come for her and they won’t be as gentle and he was.

3. After a unsuccessful attempt to stop Dr Light, The OG Titans return to the tower, angry. Jason thinks this is a good time to get on the wrong side of Dick, he does to through a punch at Dick but get’s instantly floored within 2 seconds by Dick.

4. Dick goes to the gym to let out some angry when Rose comes in and the two engage in a sword fight with Rose using the sword and Dick using a stick. After some back and fourth between the two, Rose manages to slice the stick into two furthermore teasing Nightwing once again.


5. Rachel is upset at not being fully able to control her powers so she rings Kory who is about to leave Earth. They chat because Kory is the only female Rachel can really speak to so Kory decides to come back to help, she looks the Royal guard in her ship with 10 years worth of food in.

What Was Bad?

1. The flashes that come on in a second when Donna steps into the tower was so quick that if you blink you’ll miss it. In this episode we get another hint that Aqualad may be dead in present day killed by Slade.

2. Jason, Gar and Rachel are training when Jason hits Rachel with a training stick which causes the demon to come out of Rachel and nearly attack Jason when Rachel realizes she stops but not before Jason calls her a freak. This was quite a sad scene because after we saw in the premiere episode of the show, Rachel was bullied in her school and called a freak among other names.

Holy Shit Moment

1. The OG Titans head to the stadium to stop Dr Light, who manages to start running from them, the chase after him while dodging his light attacks but Hank gets hit with one which injures his shin. We finally see more of Donna’s powers here as we see her run super fast to catch up with Dr Light and throw a motorbike off him trapping him under it when a bus full of passengers comes and causes Dr Light to get away.

2. Gar and Jason decide to check the tunnels under the subway in case they are wrong so they split up when Jason runs into Dr Light who is charging up. The two get into a fight with Dr Light seemingly winning until Jason hears Dicks voice and remembers some of his advice then starts to beat on Dr Light until Deathstroke appears behind them. Gar hears Jason scream so runs to him only finding a blood trail.

3. Death of Jericho? Rose mentioned that Jericho fell in with the wrong people. Could slade have killed him because he was with the OG Titans?


The Verdict

The episode give us a very quick glimpse of what the OG Titans were like before whatever happened between the group. We found out that Jericho may be dead. The fight between Dr Light and Jason was awesome to see! I can not wait to see what happens with Aqualad in the past. More hints of Nightwing in this episode, they are heavily teasing it now.

Rating: 9.2/10

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