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What I Would Like To See Happen In The Mandalorian Season 2

When The Mandalorian series got announced no one knew what to expect throughout the first season, no one knew how incredible the show would actually be.

In the first season we got unexpected things like baby Yoda using the force, Death Watch, we found out The Mandalorian’s name and saw him unmasked, we found out about Cara Dune and her backstory to why she hates the Empire but more importantly we got mention of the Jedi and Mandalore war with the reveal that Moff Gideon has the Black Saber.

Here is some things I would like to see happen throughout Season 2:

5. I would like to find out more or even see some flashbacks of the great Jedi/Mandalorian war. I would like to see The Mandalorian learn more about baby Yoda and the Force itself.

4. Since it’s been announced that people from the Skywalker Saga will appear in the season and with the hype still around Ahsoka Tano with her receiving a spin off series to Rebels, The Clone Wars season 7 and her having dialogue in Rise of Skywalker it would make a great opportunity to have her debut live action to help The Mandalorian with baby Yoda and his teachings of the Force, It would also tie in with the show because the last we saw of Ahsoka she was with Sabine Wren another Mandalorian.

3. I would also like to see more of The Mandalorian’s backstory after he got saved by the Death Watch throughout the Clone Wars era. We found out his name which is Din Djarin so I would like to see a flashback or episode of us seeing him learn the ways of the Mandalorians.

2. I would like to see more of the Yoda species appear in future episodes of the show itself, whether that be Season 2 or beyond. I would also like to know why the remnants of the Empire have set their sites on baby Yoda.


1. Finally I would like some form of explanation as to why and how Moff Gideon got his hands on the Black Saber as the last we saw of it in Rebels the Mandalorians had reclaimed the saber.

No one knew the scale of how great and epic the Mandalorian show would be. For me it was the perfect new series and a great way to kick off the live action TV Star Wars shows.

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