Which Confirmed DC Movies Are We Likely To Get?

As of the last few years, DC has been on a warpath confirming movies. However, a lot of these movies have had countless issues going forward.

Here’s a list of movies confirmed by DC.

  1. Birds of Prey
  2. Wonder Woman 1984
  3. The Batman
  4. The Suicide Squad
  5. Aquaman 2
  6. Black Adam
  7. The Trench
  8. The Flash
  9. Shazam! 2
  10. Batgirl
  11. Green Lantern Corps
  12. New Gods
  13. Blackhawk
  14. Jared Leto ‘Joker’ standalone
  15. Joker/Harley Quinn
  16. Supergirl
  17. Nightwing
  18. Justice League Dark
  19. Gotham City Sirens
  20. Blue Beetle
  21. Plastic Man
  22. Man of Steel 2
  23. Deathstroke
  24. Lobo
  25. Cyborg

25 confirmed movies from DC. All of which have directors, and screenwriters ‘on board’.

This is how DC is different to Marvel. Marvel carefully select the movies they will be working on, and ensure the trigger is pulled.

DC just seem to announce movies, it often feels like they never have the intention of never going ahead with them.

What is actually coming?

Two movies that have release dates so far is Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman 1984 scheduled for 2021.


The Batman, and The Suicide Squad have huge casts, so those are a definite. Others confirmed to go ahead are; Aquaman 2, Black Adam, and Shazam! 2. Recently, The Flash was given the green light to continue after months of speculation.

New Gods is currently being worked on, and has a director in the fold. Ava DuVernay who directed the hit Netflix series, “When They See Us” is working with the project right now.

What is likely to come?

It’s difficult to judge. Even some of the stronger movies such as Cyborg I thought would be a given. This is just what I personally think will be likely to hit theatres.

Supergirl had a lot of speculation around Henry Cavill, and after the success of the CW show, I believe we may see her on the big screen.

Justice League Dark, and Gotham Sirens I believe will release. Blue Beetle will be an interesting release, and I feel they could do a lot with the character. Another one I believe will release is Man of Steel 2, but more importantly, it will more than likely be a recast.

What is not likely to come?

It seems when DC announce a movie, there’s news that surrounds it for a while. Then it disperses and we don’t hear anything until it’s cancelled, or delayed. A lot of DC’s movies that they have confirmed I don’t believe we will get.


Batgirl will not be a money maker. They have Batwoman on the CW, and we are getting a new Batman movie. It may be a spin off in a few years, but not until Robert Pattinson is fully fledged as Batman.

The Trench was announced shortly after Aquaman’s success. Nothing has came of that since. It’s one of those announcements that made me cringe. DC attempting horror would be the same as Marvel’s The New Mutants. It would be a waste to even attempt this.

Green Lantern Corps is just a mess. I’m almost positive we have had several release dates for this already. Different scripts, takes, I just can’t see this ever happening. Maybe a standalone Green Lantern movie in a few years, but not this.

Blackhawk, and Plastic Man I don’t believe will happen. They’re not money maker characters, especially on the big screen. We may see them in series, however not theatres. Nightwing I would love to see, but he’s classed as a “sidekick” character. I can’t them pulling the trigger on this, unless we get Dick in The Batman.

Lobo in Syfy’s Krypton was amazing. That show was cancelled. As much as I would love a Lobo movie, I feel this would work better as a standalone series with Emmett Scanlan at the helm.

Cyborg has been like a light switch. On, off, on, off, my hope is lost at this point. Deathstroke was teased in Batman v Superman, but we all know how both of those characters have gone as of late. Another one I don’t believe we will ever see. We have had a lot of Deathstroke in the CW show, Arrow. Now we’re getting an incredible on-screen Deathstroke in the DC show, TITANS.


What is definitely not going to happen?

Anything confirmed with Jared Leto basically. His standalone movie, and his cross with Harley Quinn. Not going to happen. He’s recently came out in interviews, seemingly angry at Joaquin Pheonix’s iteration of the Joker. I think anything that was confirmed with Jared Leto can be ruled off the table.

DC has announced a lot of movies. A lot of them I would love to see. However trust with DC isn’t at it’s greatest right now because of this. I wish they would announce a timeline, a plan, and go with it. Similar to the way Marvel announces their movies/shows.

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