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Why Dave Filoni Deserves A Star Wars Trilogy or Full Blown Live-action Series

Dave Filoni, one of the greatest minds behind any Star Wars projects from animation to live-action episodes. Hailed as George Lucas’s apprentice and even after the latest Mandalorian episode, God himself. I totally agree.

Time and Time again he’s proved not only does he loves this universe but that he understands it, on the level of George Lucas or Jon Favreau. Dave has told us he loves the universe and has proved it with the stuff he’s contributed to the universe, from directing episodes of animation to live-action, giving us Ahsoka Tano and fully pushing her story to actually mean something.

Let’s start with The Clone Wars, He’s directed many episodes from the series as well as being a writer and executive producer on it, and many people, including myself, will agree that these episodes he has directed are some of the best episodes, if not, they are the best.

Next, we’ll mention Star Wars Rebels, He created the animated show and supervised the direction of the show as well as being an executive producer and writer. If you are not familiar with Rebels, long story short is they took some characters and made them stars, gave us the best adaption (so far) of thrawne as well as showcased the Inquisitors, and even delivered Maul’s ending with Obi-Wan.

Just for some other stuff, he’s done, Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Lego Star Wars: All-Stars, Star Wars Resistance (which taps into the sequel movies), and will be producing a Star Wars: The Bad Batch series in 2021.

Dave has also worked on some Star Wars books. Another thing I like about Dave and why I think he’d do great with a trilogy or series is that he’s an avid fan and not one when you ask him “Who is your favorite Jedi” and he doesn’t say someone major like Obi-Wan, Anakin, etc but he’d say Plo Koon. He’s a massive fan of Plo and I don’t blame him, he’s cool.


It’s honestly hard for me to even think about what we would get in the live-action form whether it be a movie trilogy or a Disney+ series. I just know that it would be the best Star Wars content we’ve ever gotten and the more I think about it, the more I want it.

I think it would and is a mistake for Disney not to ask him to direct and create something new in live-action. I get it if he doesn’t personally want this because he delivers such epic stuff in animation. I mean half of Rebels delivered perfect lightsaber duels.

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