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Marvel’s Avengers 7 Months On Review – Is It Still Worth It?

Marvel’s Avengers dropped on the 14th of August 2020 to a very hostile fanbase and audience. Honestly, we were very defensive of the game at the start but then we came to learn exactly why the game had so many complaints.

This isn’t going to be another in-depth review like we did back on the launch, but just a very brief overview of our thoughts after coming back to the game. We never played the game for 4 months until a few days ago.

Before we get into anything, the changes, our thoughts compared to then and now, you can go ahead and check out our very first initial review by clicking here.

We came back immediately to the PS5 version of the game, instead of the initial PS4 version. Immediately you’re given a choice to play on either higher quality or better performance. We chose the better performance side and have given the quality side a go too. We have to admit, the game looks even more beautiful in both modes, however, performance-wise we’re not seeing much else.

Despite having a next-generation upgrade, there’s nothing I can see that has been upgraded specifically for this version except the graphics and the game runs slightly quicker (yet not so much due to bugs). This is slightly disappointing in the grand scheme of things.

We came into the game with two lots of DLC to play which was our main reason for returning to the game in the first place. Taking AIM and Future Imperfect which featured both Hawkeyes in Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. The DLC’s themselves were fairly disappointing, with the potential they actually had, I am actually extremely let down by them.


The very few cutscenes we actually got were enjoyable, and the fact we got to play this one with friends – it’s just that the story was barely there. It felt more of a go and do these missions that you do on a daily basis anyway. Find the same chests and do the same things in normal missions. It never felt different the way the main campaign does.

I do, however, like the way both of the characters play. It’s freshening to see two characters play completely different than the other Avengers already in the game. The thing I like is as well, is that despite both Kate and Clint being archers, they also play differently too.

Their abilities are fun to use, especially Clint’s ultimate ability that essentially acts as a Yondu arrow, it’s fun to see it whizzing around you and just going through enemies. They both get much better as they level up and play even more differently dependant on how you set their skills up.

There are quite a few skins that have been put into the game, even for the original characters, but Clint has some stunning suits. The Ronin and Stark suits are some to note here, Kate’s are weird but unique all the same time. Iron Man, however, with the most potential when it comes to skins is still awfully let down.

Let me move on and discuss the bugs. These are still horrible, and it’s something that seriously still lets the game down. I figured the upgrade to the PS5 version would have prevented and stopped a lot of the bugs that were there on launch but unfortunately they still haven’t.

In the 3 days that I’ve played, I’ve had to dashboard close the game and re-open 5 times, I also find when you’re selecting skills and gear, then back out of the menu, it has a soft crash that sorts out within 30 seconds or so. The bald heads are weirdly still happening albeit less often than before, but we’ve come across that once with Thor, so it’s clear that not all bugs have been squashed completely.


It’s something that I feel like should be a priority, when the game crashes mid-mission it’s incredibly disheartening, and the support I initially had from Square Enix’s technical support – I would never go back and ask for help, and that’s a bad look on any company.

In our initial review, we heaped praise for the game and it landed on an 8.7/10, but I honestly believe after pumping 100’s of hours into the game, it doesn’t deserve that, and even more so now – after 7 months. Our ratings are below and show the parts that dropped, and even on a couple of them – increased.

The game is still largely the same. Same missions and villains. Levelling up now takes longer, rewards from “elite” vault missions are still garbage, and there’s not much variety from the end game standpoint.

Despite that, suiting up with a friend or three is still incredibly enjoyable. It’s a game you can find yourself lost in for 2-3 hours and actually have fun. In the 3 days we’ve played it has been great, but I already know this return to the game will be short-lived.

It’s a game that I find still has untapped potential, I have said this from the very beginning but for some reason, it’s just not met. It is kind of understandable with “looter-shooters”, they tend to get stale at the end game but the game still needs an injection. The DLC’s were okay at best, but comparing them to the trailers, we never got that excitement playing.

I’m also still upset that I lost my save of 100’s of hours when I got my PS5 because the game doesn’t feature cloud-based saves, my younger brother also lost all of his progress. This is a move I’m still disappointed with badly, especially considering the game came out 3 months prior to the next generation consoles being released. You can see my initial article on that by clicking here.


So, all in all, is it worth it? Well, it is and it isn’t. The game hasn’t improved much if anything. However, as mentioned, suiting up with friends is still fun and you can have a blast playing.

Credit: Marvel’s Avengers – Operation Future Imperfect — Square Enix — Crystal Dynamics


Story - 8.5
Graphics - 10
Sound - 10
Gameplay - 7
Customisation - 6
Characters - 9
Content - 6
Bugs - 5



Not much improvement, and still largely the same. The new characters make the game a bit better, but the DLC stories were incredibly disappointing, that's for sure.

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