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Rumor: The Boys Renewed for Season 5

Take this with a pinch of salt now as nobody super credible has mentioned this is happening. When I say “credible”, I basically mean if it hasn’t come from the Execs at Prime or a highly credible source such as Deadline.

Heroic Hollywood explained that the news came from a production listing website called

Although I say to take this with a pinch of salt, a season 5 is likely to come. Prime has had huge success with The Boys universe spawning 3 current seasons of The Boys (with another season coming June 13th) and Gen V.

I can’t see Prime slowing down as they will go full steam ahead into this hugely successful world they’ve created. There are even talks of another spin-off to come as well.

Either way, we should know soon. Prime doesn’t exactly hold off when it comes to announcements. There have been a few occasions where they announced the next season before the current one came out.

It’s an exciting time, that’s for sure. Hopefully, it’s true because it


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Daniel Lewandowski

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