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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Members – Ranked

For years fans have always heard about an unfinished arc of The Clone Wars focused on “The Bad Batch”, it wasn’t until many years later that we saw the finished arc for this “Bad Batch” Clones in The Clone Wars season 7.

It wasn’t soon after their debut that they had received a series of their own titled “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”. Well on May the Fourth fans got to witness a 70-minute series premiere for Star Wars: The Bad Batch in which was set just after Obi-Wan encountered General Grievous in Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

We recently reviewed it and the series got a 10/10 rating, you can check it out here.

Since I saw the first episode, I’ve been thinking to myself about which order I prefer the squad members because each Clone is unique, comes with a unique ability and trait. The personalities are so different but they don’t truly clash with one another until Order 66 happens.

This list could always change once we go further into the season but after seeing the Clone Wars arc and the first episode of their own series, this is my current list.

5. Tech

Tech is the brains of the squad, he’s the one who’s always retrieving the intelligence for the group, the one to set up the battle tactics and just how to navigate the galaxy. While he’s an important part of the squad, I haven’t truly been as interested in this character as I have with the others.


4. Echo

Echo has a personal connection to me, I recently watched the entire Clone Wars saga from the beginning and in chronological order so I got to see Echo go from training on Kamino to being one of the only survivors from a Separatist attack. I got to see him join the 501st Legion alongside Rex and ultimately got to witness his death as a Clone until he was saved by Rex, Cody, Anakin, and The Bad Batch, he then joined the Bad Batch.

3. Wrecker

Wrecker is a unique Clone, taller, stronger, and more childlike than the other squad members. He’s always up for a battle and doesn’t have a problem with fighting droids. He’s brutal but he’s gentle, his design is so unique as well.

2. Crosshair

Crosshair is the marksman of the squad, he can hit any shot he wants and is a deadly sniper, typically covering the rest of the squad from afar. Crosshair is the only one whose inhibitor chip worked when Order 66 was given, we got to see how loyal he was to the Empire and become a villain for The Bad Batch. It’ll be interesting to see just how brutal he is throughout the season.

1. Hunter

I absolutely love the design of Hunter. I think I love his design because of how much it resembles Rambo. He’s got a unique design, especially with the face tattoo/markings. He is the tracker of the group, can easily tell if the squad is walking into a trap or if they’re being followed, we saw some huge character development with him in the first episode of the season which makes him my number 1 character.

So there we have it, my current top 5 list of the ranked members of The Bad Batch, it’ll be interesting to see if this list changes after the season has ended. I’m a huge fan of these characters so I’m invested in the series.

I want to know what will happen to this squad in the future of the Star Wars Universe, where they go and what they do.


Photo: Star Wars: The Bad Batch character posters.

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