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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier “The Star Spangled Man” Review

Season 1 Episode 2 – John Walker is named Captain America, and Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes team up against the rebel group, the Flag Smashers.

What I Liked

1. Although it wasn’t Steve, I have to give props to the opening scene for John Walker, the music, the celebrations it all took me back to the first Captain America movie! John does look good in the suit as we get a closer look!

2. The first scenes shown with Bucky and Sam has already brought great humour to our screens. Some of the lines thrown out there you just had to laugh at. “Who are you fighting now, Gandalf?” and “A sorcerer is just a wizard without a hat” are just a few examples. It’s already giving us some great insight into how this relationship is going to be and we love it!

3. While I’m not condoning the new “Captain America” the first fight scene that Sam and Bucky face against the Flag Smashers was amazing! Even though they got defeated pretty quickly, John Walker soon steps in to help. I have a sneaky feeling they’re trying to warm us up to this character switch it up and make us hate him at some point.

4. As suspected Thanos not only had his haters on earth but also his fans. The Flag Smashers were all for the blip, which tends to be the case with villains I guess, even in reality. I’m intrigued to see how this story is going to play out and what their intentions are.

5. Another Super Soldier has been introduced who goes by the name Izayah, he was an acquaintance of Bucky’s back in the ’50s. I’m not sure how this guy plays into the story, but I’m interested to find out more.


6. The show did fantastically at touching on the subject of racism. As Sam and Bucky are pulled over by the police, they immediately turn on Sam before realising he is The Falcon.

7. I’m sorry how did this lead to Bucky and Sam in couples therapy? This scene was absolutely brilliant, I love a show that has a side of comedy to it and these two are nailing that! However, after the laughs, it quickly switched it up to some serious heartfelt conversation, mainly from Bucky.

8. A little return of Baron Zemo at the end of this episode, I’m looking forward to seeing his character again as when we last saw him in Civil War it made us really feel for him despite everything he did!

What I Disliked

Nothing to report this week.

Favourite Moment

The therapy session that Sam is roped into attending with Bucky was an absolutely hilarious scene! Between the sarcastic banter between the two, and the staring competition they chose to have at what was supposed to be a serious moment, I honestly could’ve watched an entire episode of those two sitting in therapy!

Standout Character

This isn’t a standout I expected to give, at any point for that matter but I have to give this week to John Walker. While he will never be the true Captain America, the show has written him in very well, and are portraying him in a way that’s sort of making us like him. We have a feeling that will soon change, but he definitely deserves recognition this week for how well he did!



An amazingly strong episode this week, the relationship between Sam and Bucky is already turning out to be an amazing one! The comedy side of this episode has already made me love this duo.

Rating 9.8/10

Credit: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier — Marvel Studios — Disney+


Story - 10
Action - 9
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 10



An amazingly strong episode this week, the relationship between Sam and Bucky is already turning out to be an amazing one! The comedy side of this episode has already made me love this duo.

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