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The first 7 Minutes of Mortal Kombat is Amazing

Mortal Kombat is releasing later this week on Friday, in theaters, and on HBO Max. Currently, the cast is doing promotional material for the movie.

To get fans, even more, hyped-up Mortal Kombat and HBO Max decided to release the first 7 minutes of the movie online worldwide.

The first 7 minutes showcased to use the beginning of a long-running feud between Hanzo and Bi-Han otherwise known as Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Bi-Han is a vicious assassin who killed Hanzo’s family which started the long-running feud, this is what we see in the first 7 minutes of the clip HBO Max recently shared.

Now, I’ve watched this many times now, it is just that good. I can literally feel the tension between the two characters. If this is anything, this has set the pace of the movie, brutal, bloody, and action-packed. In the clip we see Hanzo as a loving family man, then on the other side, we see Bi-Han, a ruthless, cold-blooded killer.

The characters are played by great actors in Hiroyuki Sanada who plays Scorpion and Joe Taslim who plays Bi-Han. Both are legendary actors and great martial artists. I can not wait to see more of this clip in the full movie this coming Friday.


While we didn’t get to see action out of Bi-Han, we did get to see how brutal and ruthless Hanzo can be, even before he gets his powers as Scorpion. The sword fighting was amazing in this clip, then it even went up a notch when Hanzo crafted a new spear weapon and absolutely destroyed the Lin Kuei clan members.

From this short clip, I could easily tell that the action is great, the brutality and blood are at an all-time high this movie, I’m just amazed at this one clip, as well as the trailers are the only stuff I’ve seen and I can not wait for more.

This truly feels like this is going to be the best video-game adaption to date. This movie seems to be up there, this truly is Mortal Kombat.

The feel of the movie feels authentic as well, from the time setting to the clothing, to the fighting, and combat. This feels like it was taken seriously, that it was cared for and the stunt team actually put time and effort into it.

Photo: Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat


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