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Star Wars Tales of The Empire Is A Solid Star Wars Story

On May the 4th, Star Wars released a brand new animated series titled “Tales of the Empire” which showcases a short story in 6 short episodes that answered an age-old question that fans have had since The Clone Wars, what happened to Barriss Offee?

Each episode was between 15 and 17 minutes long and focused on two tales from inside the Clone Wars era of Star Wars. Morgan Elsbeth and her early days of being in the Empire and seeing her world be burned down by Grievous and the droids and the second story was Barriss Offee joining the early days of the Inquisitors.

The first three episodes were focused on Morgan Elsbeth and those episodes were titled “The Path of Fear”, “The Path of Anger”, and “The Path of Hate” It’s quite fitting because we saw Morgan go through all of these emotions in the episodes to make her what she was in the Ahsoka series.

The last three episodes all focused on Barriss Offee. Those episodes were titled “Devoted”, “Realization”, and “The Way Out”. Once again this was fitting as we saw Barriss go through all these different journeys of becoming devoted to the Empire, coming to the realization that the Empire isn’t right and the Jedi might have been the good guys, and The way out was ultimately her death, becoming free from the suffering that she had endured.

While I was more interested in the Barriss Offee storyline of the series, both stories were captivating, and moving, and expanded the stories for two characters that people love and have had questions about for years.

The action within the episodes was amazing even though the episodes were short, they still managed to produce quality episodes and shared the episode between story and action. Honestly, I love these small animated shows to dive more into stories that have been left untold or shows that tell us the beginnings of characters.


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