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The Gifted Was Actually a Great TV Show – Unpopular Opinion #21

The Gifted was a very underrated tv series that had a couple of seasons under its belt before it was ultimately canceled by Fox.

But the show was actually great.

Why I believe the show was great and it worked was because it was real, it was about these people who had to fight to survive, to hide in plain sight, and blend into this normal society the best they could.

It showcased the government’s treatment of different people, while most just wanted to fit in while there were others who wanted to do bad stuff in the world, not every Mutant was like that.

In the second season, it showcased the conflict between good and evil, normal and different, which was great to witness.

Not only that but they introduced great characters like Polaris, Eclipse, the Strucker siblings Lauren and Andy, Blink, and Thunderbird. Some were comic characters and some were created purely for the show like Eclipse.

The show took unknown characters like Shatter and give them purpose, gave them newer fans like myself.


The show was unlike anything else X-Men television did, like Legion, this series felt like it was much more, like you were actually in this world where Mutants are hated.

The show also took a risk by doing something involving Mutants, especially not with the normal X-Men like Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, and more all being confirmed as missing in the series.

The ratings for solid for the seasons as well, especially the first. If people had tuned in more I fully believe that season three would have had been insanely good.

I also feel like the show had more to offer, and would have been huge in season three, especially with how season two ended, I believe given the chance it would have fully cemented itself as a solid TV show for everyone.

The characters were all great too, some of which could easily be brought to Disney+ like Polaris, The Strucker kids, etc. I can easily see them fitting into this universe.

Even if Fox gave it a third season, they could have easily set that season to be the end of it, to finish the story which the ending to season two had set up, for me personally, it feels like the show is unfinished, I want to know how it would have ended.


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