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Why Loki Needed That Moment With Thor

Please note, that this article will contain spoilers from the Loki season 2 finale.

Tom Hiddleston has recently come out and said the season finale is a conclusion to 6 films, 12 episodes, and 14 years of his life. This can be interpreted to say that the end of season 2 is the end of Loki within the MCU.

At the end of season 2, we see Loki become the hero. He’s no longer the God of Mischief but the God of Stories, saving the TVA and all of the branched timelines.

I loved the finale, it ended the series in such a perfect way. They could go for a season 3 or leave it there, either way, they’ve done extremely well on how they told Loki’s story.

However, I feel like IF this is the last we’ll see of Loki then we should’ve got a moment between him and Thor. After all, during the series he spends literal centuries learning the mechanics of the machine, and he was able to control his time slipping.

Why didn’t he go to Thor? He sees how it plays out. He becomes the hero before he does this when he tries to save his brother’s life against Thanos. He saw his mom die. He saw all of this.


I just think we’ve all witnessed Loki go from the villain against not just Thor but the Avengers as well to becoming the hero in Ragnarok and now in his own series. His brother, the only family he had left should’ve been able to say goodbye.

As a viewer, I feel like we needed this. Thor ALWAYS believed in Loki, even after he tore up New York and tried to betray him in Ragnarok. Thor knew there was good in him. I feel like Thor should’ve been able to see this again from his brother.

Maybe we will get to see this play out in Kang Dynasty but that’s if Tom Hiddleston is contracted to play Loki. I just hope either way we see Thor find out from Loki himself or others what his brother did to save the universe.

Arguably, what Loki did was more than what the Avengers did in Endgame in regard to saving the world. I’ve already said it, Thor should know what happened. If it’s going to happen in Kang Dynasty fine, if not, then this is a missed opportunity.


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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