Ghostface Killer’s Ranked – Pre-Scream 6

Scream is one of my all-time favorite franchises. I absolutely love the premise of Ghostface and the lore. What makes Ghostface unique is the ability to blend in, have 2 killers per movie, and just let loose as a slasher.

With Scream 6 releasing on Friday, I wondered what my list would be for the killers, while not technically comic-related, it is a franchise at the end of the day.

Obviously, given that Scream 6 will release Friday, this list will obviously change once I’ve seen that movie but for now, this is my list.

9. Charlie Walker (Scream 4)

Scream 4 typically isn’t a memorable movie for Scream fans, I’ve always found it the weakest, especially for the killers. Charlie was the second killer, and for me, a forgettable one at that. When you look at previous killers, they all have a stand-out feature or reason, Charlie I could not tell you what his is.

8. Jill Roberts (Scream 4)

I’m a fan of Emma Roberts and she played Jill incredibly well, however, I just straight up believe that her reasoning for being Ghostface is utter trash. While she brought new energy to the role, the fact that she only wanted fame from it was truly bad.

7. Roman Bridger (Scream 3)

Honestly, I know people think that Roman Bridger is a great Ghostface and he does have some perks to back it up, I just can not get away with him as a character in general. The whole “I’m Sidney’s brother and our mom forgot me” was just bad. I do rate him for being the influence for Billy Loomis and Stu Macher though, I also rate him for being a lone Killer.


6. Debbie Loomis (Scream 2)

Honestly, watching Scream 2 for the first ever time was insane. This was a reveal that I did not see coming, even didn’t get any hints that this could be possibly related to the previous events of the first movie but seeing Billy Loomis’s mother show up and not only want revenge but recruited an even more brutal second killer. Debbie also went as far as to kill Sidney’s school friend, Randy Meeks.

5. Richie Kirsch (Scream 5)

I love Jack Quaid. I was really excited to see him join this franchise after his incredible performances in The Boys series, but with his presence in the film and cast I immediately called that he was the killer, I just didn’t know if he was the main killer or second. I just hated the idea that he became a Ghostface simply to recreate a fictional movie within the Scream universe. It was also really obvious that he had something to do with the killings since you never trust the boyfriend.

4. Amber Freeman (Scream 5)

Amber makes this high up on the list because she might only be 18 years old, but she’s one of the toughest killers there has been within this universe. Not only did she get close enough to the victims to be considered in the friend group, but she did what no other previous Ghostface did… she killed Dewey, the man who survived multiple knife wounds.

3. Mickey Altieri (Scream 2)

Probably one of the best mind-bending killers in the franchise. Mickey got into Sidney’s head causing her to believe her boyfriend was his accomplice right before killing him. His performance, not only as Ghostface but also as Sidney’s friend throughout the movie is fantastic.

2. Billy Loomis (Scream)

The OG. Billy is my most memorable Ghostface killer. Other than Stu, this is the one I turn to when speaking about the franchise. I still remember the twist in the movie when he takes the gun and shoots Randy, I remember the licking of the fingers covered with pig’s blood, and I remember the back-and-forth stabbing between him and Stu.

1. Stu Macher (Scream)

Stu Macher is truly an odd Ghostface, not only cause of his behavior and mannerisms, but what you notice once you watch the movie a few more times. You begin to feel bad for the character, you see how easy he is to be controlled as seen with Billy, you see him being left on his own by his parents, and you see how he doesn’t care if he gets caught with all the hints towards the deaths.


Yes, I’m also one of the ones who believe Stu is still alive and serving a very long prison sentence. I know it’s been a huge debate about whether he is alive or died when Sidney pushed a TV on his head. I hope he returns. Matthew Lillard kills this character… pun intended.

I hope that this list changes once I’ve seen Scream 6, I do know for sure that the top 2 will never change, it would take a masterpiece for them to change.

Killcount list

  • Debbie Loomis – 1 Kill (possibly 2 others)
  • Charlie Walker – 3 Kills
  • Mickey Altieri – 5 Kills (possibly 2 others)
  • Amber Freeman – 4 Kills
  • Ritchie Kirsch – 2 Kills
  • Stu Macher – 4 Kills
  • Roman Bridger – 9 Kills
  • Jill Roberts – 7 Kills
  • Billy Loomis – 3 Kills

Going by that list, if I was to rank it that way, Roman would take #1 for that ranked list and to be fair, 9 kills alone as Ghostface is insanely great.

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