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Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Review


How do I begin this then? Well, honestly… It’s hard to find the words that I can use to give an overview for Legends of Tomorrow Season 6. I went into this season thinking it could potentially change the direction as the last few seasons, oh boy was I wrong.

This season was just really hard, it was lackluster, it lacked emotion, lacked great action, and overall just forced truly bad humor into each episode which absolutely destroyed the comedic side of the show that they’ve had. It honestly felt like this season didn’t even try.

Let’s begin with the overall story of the season. Right from the beginning, it was boring, bad, and not one bit interesting. The premiere episode didn’t even do anything to capture my attention, keep me glued to the episode, nothing. It was absolutely bad and got progressively worse throughout the season.

Now let’s speak about the characters, mainly the Legends themselves before I move on to the decision of making the villain of the season. Now, the Legends were awful. Sara Lance played by Caity Lotz was the main focus of this season’s story with her being kidnapped by a futuristic scientist who is set about creating a brand new human race.

The rest of the characters were either under-used, wrote badly, or damn near forgot about. Behrad for instance. All his character done this season was smoke weed, and just “be there” for each and every episode. I honestly felt bad for the actor who portrayed him. Next, we’ll move on to Nate Haywood aka “Steele” and I use quotations because we saw him use his powers for a grand total of 45 seconds or less.

Next up, Dominic Purcell, an “original” Legend, someone who was there from Season 1 Episode 1. Dominic Purcell was revealed to be leaving the show as a full-time character and could potentially cameo in future seasons, that’s fine, you’d think “oh an OG character of the show, he’ll have a decent send-off and story for the season” WRONG. His exit story was hands down so bad that it began to make me dislike the character of Heatwave.



As mentioned above, the characters were forgotten about, wrote insanely bad, or just left to their own devices in each episode. I’ll continue to speak about the storyline for Mick Rory aka Heatwave in season 6. A big original series character making his “big exit” from the series, you’d think he’d go out in a fire, explosion, killed heroically, or anything else was rendered to being pregnant for most of the entire season. This was his big exit where he left to go spend time with 48 alien babies, yes you read that right, alien babies.

Sara Lance. Another character whose endless journey throughout the entire Arrowverse was ruined by one insanely bad story. Sara Lance we saw was an excellent fighter, assassin, hero, and badass. Yet she was essentially killed by a bee sting, ok it was an alien but ultimately, it was a bee sting that killed her.

Sara Lance was then remade as a clone, similar to Ava Sharpe. The villain also used some of her DNA to create a new body for himself when he was killed so when the time came for Sara Lance, this badass assassin killer to fight the big villain of the season, she was rendered useless because even though the villain, Bishop, had 6% of her DNA, that was apparently enough to block and defeat her in a hand-to-hand fight. Oh yes, Sara Lance the clone also had regenerative abilities meaning she could get injured and instantly heal.

Before the season premiered, there was huge hype and promotion for David Ramsay returning to the Arrowverse in a cameo role in some shows while directing others, one of his cameos just happened to be on Legends. Let’s just say, h shouldn’t have cameoed on this show simply because he was only in the episode in the background and barely spoke a word before leaving.

Next, I want to talk about two characters at once, Constantine and Gary. Firstly, Gary. The second to the worst character they’ve introduced onto the show. From an annoying member of the Time Bureau to an “apprentice magic-user” to an alien? Gary only hides his alien form when he’s wearing glasses? Talk about bad character development.

Now for Constantine, what a waste of a final season for the character. Constantine has been a fan-favorite character which my fans have loved, so going into the season many fans thought we’d get a really good storyline for him, one of the fans was me. I was wrong, his story was essentially he became a drug addict to dark blood which then caused him to turn into a mushroom and die. It was also revealed that Constantine would be leaving the series, although the actor, Matt Ryan will be staying on as a brand new character.


Now, Bishop, the season’s big bad villain. What a letdown. He wasn’t scary, he wasn’t menacing, he didn’t have what it took to be a villain. For me, he essentially was a yoga instructor who walked into the wrong job role. I didn’t care for this villain at all, and in my opinion… he was the worst villain in the entire Arrowverse.

Standout Character

It’s a hard decision simply because of how bad the series was. If I had to choose, I’d say Astra deserved it. In the episodes she was in, she carried each scene, she had the best character development out of the entire Legends cast. I loved her journey on becoming a magic user, her knowing that Constantine was up to something, and was one of the only ones who truly cared for him as well as cared for Spooner.

Favourite Episode

While I did hate the end half of the episode, I feel like my favorite episode was The Satanist’s Apprentice was my favorite episode, purely because of Astra. The episode had a great start with Astra playing around with magic while not fully being in control.

Worst Episode

Meat the Legends. This was probably the worst episode I’ve ever seen in the entire Arrowverse. It was absolutely bad. The action was nonexistent. The dialogue was poor, the sound effects were from a movie. This was the first episode that I couldn’t choose a standout character.

Episodes & Their Ratings

Episode 1: Ground Control to Sara Lance – 5.1/10
Episode 2: Meat the Legends – 2.8/10
Episode 3: The Ex-Factor – 4.6/10
Episode 4: Bay of Squids – 6.3/10
Episode 5: The Satanist’s Apprentice – 6/10
Episode 6: Bishop’s Gambit – 3.3/10
Episode 7: Back to the Finale: Part II – 5.5/10
Episode 8: Stressed Western – 4.3/10
Episode 9: This is Gus – 3/10
Episode 10: Bad Blood – 4.8/10
Episode: 11: The Final Frame – 3/10
Episode: 12: Bored on Board Onboard – 5/10
Episode: 13: Silence of the Sonograms – 3/10
Episode: 14: There Will Be Blood – 3/10
Episode: 15: The Fungus Amongus – 4.5/10

Average rating – 4.3/10


Our Overall Rating 4/10

The average rating was 4.3. I truly believe that based on our ratings for shows with our SACE basis, I believe that this was a kind rating, I personally barely gave it a 4/10, but overall I had to be fair to our rating scheme. The story, action, characters, and entertainment were at an all-time low in this season, this was by far the worst season for Legends, this needs to change.

Does It Deserve Another Season?

Does it deserve another season? absolutely not. The first two seasons were great, they were dark, gritty, and action-packed. Not to mention that each character was utilized and had a great story, but the show fell off, went down a wrong direction, and somehow still has a big enough fanbase that the CW and DC keep on renewing it. It’s just not as good as it COULD be.


Story - 5
Action - 6
Characters - 4
Entertainment - 3
Episodes - 6
Antagonist - 0



By far the worst-rated Legends of Tomorrow season I have had the pleasure of reviewing. I truly hope something changes within the writer's room.

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